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Where to Put an Air Fryer – The Best Spot in the kitchen

So, you’ve got a new air fryer or are considering getting a new one, but can you place them anywhere in your kitchen?

No, not really. While you do get a certain degree of freedom regarding their placement, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. This article will guide you on what to consider when placing your air fryer and where to put an air fryer in the kitchen.

best places to put an air fryer

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

One of the misconceptions that people have is that air fryers work like deep fryers and that they fry foods. This is not the case, as air frying is actually a lot simpler and easier. The food is placed inside a basket, and the unit will circulate hot air around the ingredients. This cooking method makes the food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. But since an air fryer uses hot air to cook the food, does it also emit heat?

Do Air Fryers Emit Heat?

Yes, air fryers will emit heat, as an air vent will generally release the hot air.

As the air fryer circulates hot air inside the unit, warm air will also be passed through the outer vents to keep the air fryer from overheating. The temperature of the heat released can be relatively high depending on what was set to cook the food. Therefore, it is recommended that you allow at least five inches of space on every side of the air fryer.

Can You Place Air Fryers near Splashback or Kitchen Appliances?

Now that we know there needs to be five inches of space around the air fryer, the question remains whether it needs to be in an open space.

The answer is no. However, you will need to consider what is placed near it.

You may put them near the splashback, but only if they are made of heat-resistant surfaces. For instance, if the splashback is made from wallpaper or wood, you may want to avoid placing the air fryer next to it.

There is usually more than one kitchen appliance that needs to share the space in a kitchen. When placing an air fryer, it is best to put it near appliances that are heat resistant. Ensure that the outer casing of the appliances will not get damaged by the heat emitted from the vents of the air fryer—especially where appliances have plastic or glass casings. Also, ensure that the vents are not near the power supply, as this may be a fire hazard.

air fryer in cabinet

Can You Place an Air Fryer near or inside a Cabinet?

Air fryers have to be placed on heat-resistant surfaces that are stable surface. Therefore, placing an air fryer next to a cabinet is not recommended as cabinets are usually made of wood. The heat emitted from the vents may cause damage to the wood over time as the moisture seeps in. In addition, it can be a fire hazard as well.

Similarly, it is not recommended to build a cabinet around the air fryer and leave it there while you cook. Air fryers need proper ventilation, which can usually not be achieved within a regular cabinet.

That said, if you are short on countertop space, you can store the air fryer in the cabinet when it’s not in use. This is handy as air fryers have an average weight of six kilograms (thirteen pounds), depending on the air fryer’s size. This means they are light enough to be moved out of the cabinet when needed. If this is what you are looking for, you may want to choose an air fryer that has a uniform shape as opposed to an oval egg shape. Many under-cabinet air fryers have the correct dimensions and weight to solve your kitchen space limit.

Are Countertops the Best Spots to Place an Air Fryer?

Yes, for the most part, countertops represent the best place for you to store an air fryer. The surface is usually stable, and even if the countertop is not heat-resistant (for instance, a PVC countertop), you can still use heat-resistant mats.

Placing the air fryer on the countertop also allows you ample space when pulling out the air fryer basket, putting food in the basket, and removing food from the basket.

Can You Place an Air Fryer Outside?

This depends on the air fryer that you get. If it’s an outdoor air fryer, it can be used indoors and outdoors, as long as you have a power source. Usually, if there is much space around it, this is the best scenario, but you still need to ensure it sits on a stable surface.

where to place air fryer in kitchen

Verdict: Where Should the Air Fryer Go?

The best place for an air fryer is on a countertop in your kitchen, mainly because the surface is stable and offers enough ventilation. Any flat heat-resistant area should suffice if you place it near an outlet and do not block the vents.

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