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All You Need to Know About Multifunctional Air Fryers

Air fryers are revolutionary, and many people attest to the versatility they bring to the countertop. Healthy meals, fast cooking, crispy frying, cleaning convenience, air fryers are a combination of everything you want in the kitchen.  What if I told you there’s even more with multifunctional air fryers? 

Multifunctional air fryers are great for combining two or more regularly used cooking functions into one appliance thereby saving you countertop space and money. With these air fryers, there is truly no limit to the levels of convenience and efficiency, since they have wider coverage in terms of food items. The difference between an air fryer and a multifunction air fryer lies in each appliance’s functions.

While air fryers cook your meals by circulating hot air through them to give you a crispy and delicious tasting meal, multifunctional air fryers can do even more. This is why they are perfectly suited for making rotisserie, toasting, baking, grilling, pressure cooking, or even better air frying. I have compiled this article to explain everything you should know about multifunctional air fryers.

Best multifunctional air fryer

Types of Multifunctional Air Fryers

Over the years, manufacturers have been actively developing air fryers that combine any other cooking function you can think of. Each one is classified according to the other function it can perform alongside air frying.

The modern multifunctional air fryer generally offer you more cooking capabilities and they come in different forms and sizes.

I have selected 3 main types of air fryer combinations that would cover most of your daily cooking needs.

For instance, an air fryer with rotisserie can double as an oven that cooks meat as it turns it on a spit. Rotisseries are known for their ability to cook the meat evenly and tenderly. However, when they are combined with an air fryer, you have the added advantage of getting a better and more healthy result. 

This appliance allows one to mount meat on a spit or rod and it turns it slowly for even cooking. The heat is also indirect and does not give out smoke. 

There is an air fryer with rotisserie for any family’s needs and you may find that they come with extra features, such as a skewer rack or a rotating basket. They are also versatile since they can also roast and grill. 

A toaster oven air fryer is another multifunctional air fryer that saves your time, money, and kitchen counter space.

Most manufacturers have adopted the toaster oven design and have built in an air fryer function. Therefore this appliance offers the benefits of a conventional oven and an air fryer all combined into one device.

It may be smaller than an oven but it can definitely cook enough for your family’s daily meal requirements. 

Baking, Toasting, and Roasting are the standard functions that it can do however, depending on your model, it can do things like dehydrating, broiling, and some even have the rotisserie function.

An air fryer and pressure cooker combination has gained popularity for a lot of reasons, including the quality of meals it makes and the speed with which they are made. The use of little or no oil while cooking fried foods with air fryers is an advantage you’re already familiar with. Some of these benefits are healthy fried foods, ease of cleaning and more benefits.

Pressure cookers are popular for cooking meals in half or one-quarter of the time you’d normally use by superheating the water without converting it to steam. Combine all these benefits and what you get is an air fryer pressure cooker. 


Hence, these appliances help you cook faster and healthier meals with minimal cleaning. You can even cook meat straight from the freezer without thawing. The meat gets cooked under pressure and the air fryer pressure cooker gives it a final tasty and crispy finish that your family will savor.

These multifunctional air fryers make better meals than conventional ovens. What’s more, it does not have to be an over-the-top option; a medium-sized air fryer and pressure cooker combination with around 6 to 8 quarts (5.7 – 7.6 litres) capacity should serve your family of four just fine.

How to find the best Multifunction Air Fryer for you?

Finding the best multifunction air fryer may be quite challenging but with some additional knowledge and a few helpful tips that I mention below, you’ll be able to find your perfect multifunction air fryer in no time!

Best Multifunctional air fryer for you

Multifunction air fryer sizes are closely related to the capacity, that is, how much food it can cook at once. Therefore, one should consider whether its size is suitable for you and your family’s needs when buying a multifunction air fryer . The smallest air fryers should be fine if you’re cooking for one or two people, but for a family of four, you would need around 6 quarts (5.7 litre) capacity.

When considering the largest multifunction air fryer sizes seems like a good idea, don’t forget that they take up more kitchen and/or storage space. Multifunction air fryers offer an efficient solution by performing the task of two or more appliances all built in one appliance.


Since multifunction air fryers come in different forms, your intended use would determine the type of multifunction air fryer one would choose to purchase. Each multifunction air fryer performs specific functions. Therefore, while an air fryer with rotisserie is perfect for roasting, an air fryer and pressure cooker combination is the option for making foods that cook for a long time using conventional methods, such as rice, beans, meat, mashed potatoes, soups, etc.  

Temperature Requirements

Cooking in an air fryer uses hot air and each food type cooks at a different temperature. Air fryers that provide the freedom to set custom temperatures in addition to preset temperatures is a big plus. 

There are also preset temperatures which are ready made temperatures set for different food types. You can get a lot done with one click of a button.


Accessories provide extra cooking convenience and make the cooking process enjoyable. Some accessories are standard and come with most air fryers, but others are just added benefits. 

Examples of the most common extra accessories include baskets, roasting pan, oil tray, gloves, and recipe guide. Other accessories could be electronic, offering timing, reminders, etc.


Although multifunction air fryers are generally easy to clean, some manufacturers put more effort into making it even easier. For instance, the oil collection trays could reduce how much work you have to do during cleaning. Non-stick interiors could also help.


Best choice multifunctional air fryer

There is no doubt that we all need more time in a day. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest in tools that help get us time back. The air fryer is a great choice to do just that!

Air fryers can cook meals faster than conventional ovens and are healthier than deep fryers.

Multifunctional air fryers that combine other cooking functions with air frying which takes it to the next level. This makes them one of the most useful kitchen appliances currently known.

To select the best multifunctional air fryer for your kitchen needs, pay close attention to the size, kitchen space, fryer features and capabilities.

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