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Microwave air fryer combo | Your new favorite kitchen appliance

Generally, when we pick kitchen appliances, we will select them for one specific function. For example, a microwave to heat food, an air fryer to make food crispy, and a pressure cooker to make slow-cooked food.

Thankfully, as technology keeps improving, we are spoilt with so much choice. We can now choose appliances that may have two or even three of the cooking functions we need.

This makes it convenient and saves a lot of kitchen counter space because we can get just one appliance. Plus, these appliances are getting more user-friendly, so cooking with them is easy.

In this article, we will be having a closer look at the microwave and air fryer. Both these appliances are easy to use and cook food quickly; however, they are two very different cooking methods. So, what is the difference between microwave and air fryer anyway? And is there one appliance that combines the two?

Let us uncover the answers to these questions.

air fryer microwave combo

Air fryer vs. Microwave

Since they are essentially mini space-saving convection ovens, air fryers have grown incredibly popular over the past few years.

Although it doesn’t deep fry food, air fryer technology is designed to give people an alternative to deep-fried food. Their main concept is about using less oil to create healthier food. Air fryers quickly circulate hot air around the food to give it that crispy outer layer and tender core.

On the other hand, microwaves use a magnetron electric heater that generates radio waves to cook food. So, what does that mean? Well, in short, the microwaves produced cause the water molecules in the meal to vibrate. The heat produced by these vibrations essentially heats your food.

Let’s have a look at their differences due to their cooking methods:

Taste and texture of food

Have you noticed that putting food into the microwave generally comes out soggy and moist? Well, that’s because when the water molecules vibrate, they become steam which then condenses as there is no air circulation inside the microwave. Therefore, it is a great cooking tool for making food that requires moisture, like baked potatoes.

On the other hand, air fryers are a terrific option if you want to make baked or grilled food with a crisp outer layer.

The significant difference between the microwave and an air fryer is how they do the cooking. An air fryer is a terrific option if you want to fry your food, but the microwave is recommended to heat your food. The microwave heats your food; the air fryer alters your cooking. If you want to turn your raw food crispy brown, an air fryer is a sure way.

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Another difference is the time it would take to finish cooking. If you are hungry, a microwave would have your food ready faster than the air fryer. This is especially true when you are looking at re-heating or ready-made cooking food. However, when it comes to cooking raw food, the time difference is not significant enough to forego the taste and texture of the air fryer.

The air fryer and the microwave can retain nutrients in the food if used correctly. The two essential elements to balance are the temperature and the time duration that the food is being cooked. High heat combined with a long cooking time will cause the food to lose its nutrients.

The microwave is easier to control the time with accuracy as it generally goes up by second intervals, whereas air fryers generally go up in intervals of minutes.

On the other hand, air fryers have better control over temperature settings when compared to microwaves.

So, you can see that both cooking methods are suitable when addressing a specific cooking need. However, neither of them can handle the cooking needs of the other. The great news is that there is now a third option: the air fryer microwave combo!

microwave oven with air fryer

How does a microwave air fryer work?

They have combined they have managed to combine so many cooking functions with the air fryer like the pressure cooker, rotisserie, and toaster oven, and that is to list a few of them. And now, they have even managed to combine the air fryer with a microwave. This is the ultimate machine for those who want to save time. We have already looked at the benefits of each of these appliances alone. Now, image one device with both functions! But, how does this work because their cooking methods are so different?

Well, they have cleverly designed the appliance with both cooking elements. The heating element will be used when you switch to air fryer mode. And when the microwave mode is selected, the radio waves are used for cooking. This means that you will need to be aware of the types of containers used because metal containers should not be used when the appliance is cooking in microwave mode.

Other than that, it is straightforward to use and super convenient.

Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave
Panasonic Microwave air fryer

Are microwaves with air fryers worth it?

They are well worth it if you value time, space, and good food. Let’s look at the benefits of air fryer microwaves.

Convenient and versatile cooking in one appliance

The biggest plus of this appliance is its convenience by combining the air fryer and microwave. Cooking and reheating food at a rapid speed will suit a lot of busy households. But what about the versatility?

Although there may be different models on the market, if you go for a decent model, there is more versatility with cooking functions that are included in the price. For example, the Toshiba air fryer microwave, Panasonic Microwave air fryer, and the Breville air fryer microwave all have a convection oven function.


Space saver

Who wouldn’t like more countertop space in your kitchen? Whether you have a small or big kitchen, having that extra working space is always nice. Plus, it just makes your kitchen looks more organized with less clutter. Well, what better way to do it than replacing two appliances with one sleek designed air fryer microwave? These appliances are generally the size of a big microwave so imagine having just one appliance on your countertop.

Less oil and nutrient retention

As with any air fryer, little or no oil is needed when cooking with the air fryer mode. This reduces the amount of calorie intake. Another healthy benefit is the retention of nutrients that can be retained. This is because the desired temperature is reached quickly, and the cooking duration is reduced, thereby assisting with nutrient retention.

best air fryer microwave combo

Efficient power consumption

The average microwave air fryer combo uses around 1000 watts. This is efficient considering the speed it takes to cook the food and the great taste of the food made. To give you a benchmark, microwaves take an average of 1000 watts, and a small air fryer can already take between 800 to 1000 watts. You will get all the added benefits while using the same power of these individual appliances. And when compared to an oven that uses around 2000 to 5000 watts, this is a big game changer in the cooking world!


When it comes to cooking food quickly, the air fryer and microwave are some of the appliances that come to mind as both heats up rapidly. However, they are made to serve a specific type of cooking style. The air fryer microwave was designed to reap the benefits of both these cooking methods into one appliance.

Using a microwave air fryer combo, you will have a convenient and versatile appliance that cooks your food rapidly while still making your food crispy and tender. Reducing oil usage and higher nutrient retention provides a healthy alternative to other cooking methods. All the while, you are being energy efficient.

With all these benefits, we recommend it to people who are short on time and still love to eat quality home-cooked meals with the convenience of one appliance.

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