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Best air fryer for commercial use

Air fryers have become one of the essential appliances in the kitchen these days. These nifty appliances promise to give you all the flavor of deep frying without any of the guilt while being efficient and easy to use. But can they really meet the demands of a busy commercial kitchen? The answer is that it can, but there are some things to consider.

commercial air fryer for restaurant

Air fryer capacity

When it comes to running a food joint (whether it be a restaurant or a food truck), it is essential that you meet the demand of the customers. This is where the air fryer capacity will make the difference. The air fryer comes in many various capacities and sizes, so you need to select the one that will make enough food per batch.

The small air fryers usually cook for 1 to 2 people, while family-sized air fryers cook for 3 to 4 people, and extra-large air fryers cook for 5 to 6 people. Then there are the multifunctional air fryers that can cook for 7 to 9 people. It goes without saying that speed is crucial when preparing food for customers, so you would probably be looking at the extra-large air fryers as a minimum.

There are also commercial air fryers that are made specifically to cater to high-volume cooking demands.

Air fryer size and air fryer shape

Don’t be fooled by the visual size of the air fryer! Just because it looks big and bulky does not necessarily mean that it can cook more food. You still need to look at the air fryer’s capacity to get the one that will meet your needs. However, the air fryer size and shape are still something to consider because the dimensions may not fit in your commercial kitchen if you have limited space.

Where there is limited commercial kitchen space, it may be best to opt for the extra-large or multifunctional air fryer with a square or uniform shape.

A commercial-size air fryer, on the other hand, will take up a lot more space in the kitchen.

Best foods to cook in the air fryer

When you are considering using the air fryer in your commercial kitchen, it is best to work out what types of food you will be cooking in the air fryer. There are certain foods that the air fryer cooks really well thanks to its rapid hot circulating air technology; foods tend to have a crispy outer layer and a tender core. So, food like French fries, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, fish fillets, and even steaks are all food that the air fryer can cook to perfection.

Food that requires to be submerged in water to cook, like rice and pasta, cannot be cooked in the air fryer. Neither is food that is dipped in the wet batter as the batter will not cook, and it will be splattered around the air fryer due to the strong air fryer fan.

Faster cooking times with an air fryer

An air fryer is a compact unit coupled with its circulating hot air movements, which result in the cooking temperature being reached quickly. This is why it is unnecessary to preheat the air fryer (although some air fryer chefs prefer to do so, which only takes a few minutes). As the hot circulated air surrounds the food to cook it, the cooking time is faster as the heat is wrapped around it because the heat is directed at the food.

This is also why it is the perfect appliance to heat up or warm the food just before it is served. With the air fryer, you can heat food much faster without it being soggy or losing its texture.

commercial air fryer

Air fryers are easy to clean

Air fryers are made to be efficient. Therefore, it is generally easy to clean as most of the dirty parts are detachable and can be washed in a dishwasher. This being said, when using an air fryer in a commercial setup, it will be used more frequently than in a residential kitchen. So, it is handy to take the following tips into account:

  1. Use air fryer liners like air fryer parchment paper or silicone liners to reduce mess.
  2. Choose an air fryer made with high-quality materials so that you don’t have the baskets peeling after a few uses.
  3. Choose the right commercial-size air fryer for your needs to reduce having to make food in many batches.


Commercial-grade air fryers are more expensive than your average air fryer. Therefore, you will need to weigh up the additional investment versus the benefits you will get in return from using one.

Several factors can affect the price of the air fryer, such as its size or its features. Think about the purpose of the air fryer. For instance, if you only have a few fried items on your menu, a large air fryer may be an unnecessary purchase.


Well, that’s everything you need to know about using air fryers in a commercial kitchen. While they offer some benefits, such as quick cooking times and easy cleaning, some factors must be considered before using them.

The best air fryer for commercial use would be an extra-large air fryer like the Philips Digital Twin Turbo Star Air Fryer XXL or a multifunctional air fryer like the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven. If you have to cook a high volume of food in one go, then it would be best to look at commercial air fryers, but these air fryers are considerably more expensive than regular air fryers.

So, before you start using one in your restaurant kitchen, be sure to identify whether the air fryer will meet your requirements and bring added value to your business.

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