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Air Fryer Power Consumption – The Energy-Friendly Way to Cook

Have you noticed how prices have begun soaring as of late? Perhaps you’ve also seen your electricity bill rising–even though you are technically not using more energy than usual. That’s because electricity consumption in the last year has increased demand by 6%, causing this price boost.

This global rise in demand can also lead to price volatility – so, if the prices are high now, there is no saying how high they will become in the future. Moreover, the increased demand determines a lower supply, causing an energy crisis that resembles the 70s. Blackouts are happening worldwide, and the turmoil is affecting all of us.

This is why, more than ever, we must be careful about our energy consumption. Luckily, we don’t have to sacrifice our lifestyle or sit around in the dark, not using our appliances. We need to make sure that we choose every device wisely. Let’s see how many watts air fryer units have and how they compare to other cooking methods.

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Air Fryer Electric Consumption

The air fryer wattage can differ from one unit to another, depending on its size. A larger air fryer will consume more energy compared to smaller devices. The more features it has, the more power it will also consume. That being said, let’s see exactly how much power each type of air fryer consumes.

Small Air Fryer

A small air fryer consumes around 800-1000 watts. The more food you cook, the more energy it will take to prepare that food in the air fryer. A small unit should probably work for you if you are looking for the lowest wattage air fryer.


Medium Air Fryer

A medium air fryer uses on average 1500 watts, but the actual consumption may vary from one unit to another. However, the difference is more or less around 100 watts, depending on the model.

Extra Large Air Fryer

An extra large air fryer consumes around 2000 watts. This is because it takes more energy to cook a higher amount of food.

Multifunctional Air Fryers

Multifunctional air fryers consume about 1700 watts, but this will depend on the size of the unit. The more functions it has – and the more of them you use – the higher the air fryer electric consumption will be.

Air fryers take less time to heat up than an oven. Ovens generally need to be pre-heated for about 10 minutes, whereas there is no need to pre-heat in an air fryer. Those 10 minutes in the oven consume a lot of energy – even if you are not cooking. Plus, the cooking time is faster in air fryers, as it takes about 10 minutes to cook something. In ovens, it can take around 20 minutes.

Air fryers are much smaller compared to ovens, so while an oven usually uses 2300 watts, the air fryer uses around 1500 watts. You use half the energy to cook the same ingredients. Plus, compared to ovens, an air fryer gives you a similar taste but adds some extra crispiness, making it all the more enjoyable.

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Air Fryer vs. Microwave Electric Consumption

Compared to air fryers, microwaves take less time to heat up, so we simply add the food in and hit the button. In 2-3 seconds, the microwaves will start going over the food. The drawback is that this heat does not penetrate the food as quickly, which is why you end up with an overcooked edge and a cold, uncooked center.

Microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation for cooking food, whereas air fryers use hot air. As a result, the air-fried food is juicy and crisp, whereas microwaved food ends up soggy and moist. Microwave ovens consume around 1000 watts, which is lower compared to an air fryer – but when comparing the taste and the amount needed to cook in the microwave, the air fryer is a much better alternative.

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Air Fryer vs. Deep Frying Electric Consumption

Deep fryers use a lot of oil to cook your food, and while the oil heats up quickly, you still need around 15 minutes to pre-heat. When the optimum temperature is reached, it takes about 5 minutes to cook the food, depending on what food is being cooked.  On the other hand, an air fryer doesn’t require pre-heating, and food can be cooked in as little as 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the food being cooked. Therefore, the actual cooking time of the deep fryer is quicker than an air fryer but let’s look at the actual power consumption of the two.

Compared to the air fryer, which uses an average of 1500 watts for a medium unit, a deep fryer uses up to 5000 watts, which is a lot. So, besides the fact that it is not a healthy way to cook, the deep fryer is also the least energy-friendly option of all.


With global energy prices on the rise, it is prudent to choose your kitchen appliances carefully. However, it would help if you balanced it with other factors, such as how the food is cooked, what it tastes like, and what health benefits it brings. Based on our research, the air fryer is a well-balanced kitchen appliance, as it adds taste and keeps food healthy while preventing excessive energy consumption.

Still, if you decide to buy an air fryer, remember to choose a right-sized unit. This way, you can cook the food you need in one go, saving power consumption.

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