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About Us

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My name is Claire Baker and I am a Mum with two young boys. I have quickly learnt that time management is so important when trying to balance household and work commitments. Therefore I invest in time to research tools that can assist me on my daily tasks.

The Air Fryer was one of the tools that I have researched and find it is very useful. It is a fast and easy way to prepare my meals. The most important factor for me was I needed a device that can cook on it’s own and would not pose a safety issue for my kids. The Air Fryer was perfect for this as it sits on my counter top (out of reach from my kids) while cooking.

Our Team

We have a team of expert researchers that evaluates the Air Fryers in the market based on their capacity, functions, features, and ratings to provide a consumer reports on air fryers. 

Based on the best air fryers consumer reports we will then provide our recommendations for each key performance factor.

We have also prepared easy meal ideas for you to try on your Air Fryer that will save you time and effort.

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